Working with us.. stories from pet owners

On the Roam for Four Weeks

"We're just amazed and shocked after 4 weeks we have our baby back! You and your dogs have kept us going and I'm so thankful for you.

Please give Cade, Brodie & Twist great big hugs from the Marino Family! Thank you so much!"

Cheryl & Sonja - Sacramento, CA.

Kept by Finder for 5 months

"Thanks so much Ms. Karin for all your help and expertise. It was a long road and your continued support was greatly appreciated.

 I would recommend your service to anyone. 

Many Thanks to you and your wonderful K9 team!"  

M. Hightower... Jacksonville, Florida


"Jake is home safe and happy!

Even though I am LE, we ended up using your suggestions that you gave us and it worked. Thank you for everything."

Deputy Sheriff in Sacramento, CA

Seized and Held for Reward

"I cannot believe this has happened to us and little Priscilla. We would never have got her back and been able to negotiate with those awful men if you had not intervened. Thank you for gettin her home."

Tracey W. in Dallas, Texas

Finding Closure

"My deepest endless gratitude, thanks and love to

Karin, Cade, Dodger, Twist and Little Paco for giving their all to find Zoey. This area was where the dogs all confirmed each others' resolution that Zoey's trail went in but did not come out. I now know that my beloved pet will not return home again but I am so thankful that they came all this way to help me know and be able to move on. 

Stefani S.- Carson City, Nevada

Rescue and Recovery by Phone

"Thank you Karin for what you do. We would not have captured this guy without you. Some people may not realize that you can help them many times without ever bringing out the dog team. We are so glad we made the call after another rescue group told us about you. Darby would not be home without you!" Rescuers All - Elizabeth, Donna & Kathy...& Darby too in Enid, Oklahoma

Lost in a Vast Marshland

"Dearest Karin... More than a miracle: your expertise, endurance, and encouragement brought our dog home.

You and your incredible team of dogs determined the area in our vast park system in which our bichon was roaming for a week. You established the perimeters and correctly theorized her  behavior patterns. Your insistence of an expansive  campaign, with all the other factors, allowed several people to call when they sighted Rosie, after she finally roamed from the wilderness onto the road which you rightly pinpointed as ground zero. Rosie is home, safe, a little dirty, thirsty, but remarkably unscathed.

Karin, you have our gratitude. We appreciate your compassion. And we hope that we stay in touch and remain friends.

Love to Cade, Mason, Twist, Dodger, Yuri, Paco, and YOU-

Darlene, Leo, Anna, Mary, Dennis and our entire community in  Brecksville, Ohio

Helping Globally.... From a Pet Owner in England

"How can I ever thank you? I have my little dog back after 4 weeks.

She was stolen from our village and taken 2 hours away so we were very lucky. We put it down to your campaign and signage you did for me.  We have now covered all the surrounding villages and every weekend we were out in the community. I also managed to get an article in the local paper with her photo.

The lady who had her did not want to give her back but as you said... someone always eventually talks!!!

You have been fantastic and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for first giving me hope, second for giving me direction and finally your website and stories kept me constantly motivated when there were times I felt I wasn't going to get her back.

Anytime you want a visit to England you are always welcome here."

Much Love and thanks Fiona. xxx

Finding Diesel... by phone

DIESEL IS HOME! That much awaited call was received @1:30pm from PHS. Diesel was found in Daly City close to the 280 Freeway entrance where Karin TarQwyn told us to look.

Special thanks to Karin TarQwyn- I've learned so much from you! For those who need help finding their missing pet - reach out to her, she is really good! M. Torres...San Bruno, CA

Missing 11 days... Found in 20 minutes by K9 TEAM

"Our Suggestion... CALL KARIN FIRST! We lost our dog 11 days ago. We put up fliers, walked house to house, went to the pound every other day, posted on Facebook, placed into on Craig's List and local paper. We were exhausted and so very sad. Then - we called Karin. She spoke to us in the evening, prepared signage and made arrangements to meet us with her dogs in the morning. One hour after her and her search dogs arrived...our dog was in our arms. Awesome! You guys are great! Use us anytime for references, it was a a quick recovery. We can't thank you enough that you were here during our time of need. Again great job you & your team did."

 All the best Abby, Suzy and Jack Nelson ...Redwood City, CA.

STOLEN...Missing 5 days...HOME within 48 hours of the call to Karin

"I want to thank Karin Tarqwyn, she is a Pet Detective that we hired from Nebraska who truly is amazing. Without her guidance and help, I don't believe we would've had the happy ending that we did on Thanksgiving Day. God Bless you and Thank you so much. For those who's lost their pets, you should seriously consider hiring her, google her name. She truly is the world's best."    

W. Cheng Queens, NY

Missing 19 days... no sightings... found within 48 hours of the call to LPP


It's our wedding anniversary today and we couldn't ask for a better gift!

Thank you Karin TarQwyn for instructing me as to what to do. Your knowledge was invaluable and telling me "she was out there somewhere" stayed with me and gave me hope."

Tammy Siefert, Plover, Wisconsin

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