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The private investigators - pet detectives and K9 Teams at LPP have recovered more missing pets and brought resolutions to more pet owners than any other individual,  company or organization in the missing pet industry.

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Please note: We do not work missing cats cases or other species.

Lost Pet Professionals

Honoring K9 Camden - IMAX Super Power Dog

Our own K9 Camden is honored by IMAX and MARS for his work as a K9 Pet Detective.

Finding Sadie

K9 Pet Detective Oliver finds Sadie in 37 minutes!

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FOUND... Testimonials from clients

K9 TEAM Tracks 7 miles to find Shiloh in one day

"We did not know that our lost dog Shiloh had traveled  seven miles away.  Without Karin and her amazing K9 team we would never have found her. Our family is back together thanks to this woman and her hardworking dogs."

Ryan & Ashley Hammontree

These are real pet detectives... Licensed Investigators

​​​​​Wilmington Police Department - The Recovery of K9 Karson Missing 61 days

" To Lost Pet Professionals... you are one of a kind. The knowledge and training you put into your company and people goes far beyond anything I have ever seen. It's been a pleasure to work with your company."

Officer Jerry Popp K9 Handler

Nine Weeks GONE... Sold to a puppy mill. Found in one day

"I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who were as happy as I was when my fur kids were safely back home.  This would never have happened without  Karin TarQwyn and her tracking dog team who ultimately found Hunter and Robin 25 miles away... after missing for nine weeks!  Thank you."

Pat Pearce 

Disappointment... After hiring a hobbyist/pet detective, we hired LPP and Nugget was found.

"Our beloved Nugget was found within eleven hours of implementing Karin's plan after  we had hired a pet detective with a scent dog to no avail early on. Words cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am for your unbelievable support and help in bringing my beloved pug, Nugget, home to me. You are a one of a kind. Thank you."

Dian Edelen

From the Division Fire Chief - Menlo Park Fire Department in California

 K9 Cade found Abby in 20 minutes after missing for 11 days.

"Karin... My name is Frank Fraone. You began your search at for Abby near my home on Wednesday. First I want to thank you very much for finding her. We had searched for days and even at night using thermal imaging cameras and search parties with fire fighters and LE officers. I have worked with search dogs for years through the FEMA US&R program but you and your dogs are amazing.  Thank you so much."

Frank Fraone...Division Chief...  Menlo Park Fire Department

Because time is of the essence.

"Karin, I just wanted to take a minute to get back with you on how much we appreciated your help through the dark hours when our dogs went missing. I take a certain measure of pride for doing things in a practical and reasonable way, but the ways in which I tried to search for our dogs certainly were not. I relied on little more than old wives tales on how to search for pets. I was fortunate to have found you & the ways that you suggested we look for our lost family members made sense.

There's a lot of things I would do differently. Hiring you sooner is the first on that list. Thanks again,."

Johnathan Ashcraft

K9 Team... Rescuing Chromia

K9 Pet Detectives help find and capture Chromia

Pet Detectives Case Histories... How we can help.

Stolen from Vehicle

Zephyr was stolen from a car in Oakland, California.  LPP worked continually with Zephyr's family designing and implementing new strategies as the case unfolded. Zephyr  was recovered after a lead came in and an  awareness blast  was implemented in a geographic location far from the crime scene.

Dazed & Confused - Roaming

Benson wandered away from home with his canine companions.  After K9 TEAMS found his missing companions, Benson was sighted miles away by a driver who saw the strategic campaign signsand called the family.

Finder's Keepers

Rico went missing nine miles from home. K9 TEAMS discovered he had traveled several miles after being left in a field far from home. A strategic campaign was initiated. A citizen saw the campaign signs and knew his neighbor had the dog on the sign. He called the family because he knew that the family must love the dog as he could see the campaign everywhere.

Found by Traveler

 Boris had been missing for two weeks with no sightings or leads. A campaign was initiated over a vast area. Turns out Boris  had been found by a traveling salesman and driven forty-five miles away. A friend of the finder saw the signs and encouraged the finder to call Boris' family.

Shy and Roaming

 LeRoy was visiting the United States when he bolted and went missing. After K9 TEAMS discovered he had entered a vast wilderness area, a campaign was designed surrounding  the entire open space. LeRoy was recovered five miles away after a driver saw the campaign and recognized the shy and injured dog on the side of the road.

Kept by Finder

Harriet  escaped a vehicle with her leash attached. She bolted down the street and disappeared. She was immediately found by a stranger, put in a vehicle and driven to another city. The finder was going to keep her but saw the campaign offering a Reward and made the call to return her.