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Our work is a serious endeavor and we have not only compassion but empathy for a pet owner with a missing four pawed family member. All of us at LPP understand the grief and panic of a pet gone missing. By nature, those of us that choose to work in the investigative field  are solutionists. We analyze random pieces of information  and join them together to form a deductive summary. From that summary we create a strategy that will result in the goal we all seek... finding and recovering your missing dog!

Upon receiving your submitted query or call, an investigator will talk with you and profile your pet's case and decide upon a specific strategy based on scenario. Once the strategy is  designed, we will put the wheels in motion working to lead, guide and assist you as the search moves forward towards reunion.

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you will be glad you made the decision to talk with REAL Pet Detectives.

Pioneers in Missing Dog Recoveries

Since 2005... We are the architects and originators of the lost pet processes and protocols now being used by Florida Pet Detectives and Private Investigators.

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